So You Want a Tiny House? Are You Ready?

In 2002, a business was founded in Iowa called Tumbleweed. The two co-founders of this company had an idea of building tiny homes. These are homes that offer almost everything the traditional size homes do, except the expense of building and upkeep.

Sadly, where this new phenomenon picked up momentum was from Hurricane Katrina. After the devastation hit the southern-most part of America, a developer created cottages for those left homeless. While they were smaller than 400 square feet, it was a place to call home.

So Now You Think You Want One?

There are many things to think about when considering buying a tiny home. First, you need to identify the amount of square footage that your family will need. There are lots of pre-fab homes where you can get an idea what the minimum you need to live. Or, find a tiny house to rent for a week-end. This is one of the best ways to assess your needs and experience living in a tiny house.

Most people find that a tiny house of 320 square feet is ample enough to live comfortably. Tiny houses come with what we consider basics these days like appliances and HVAC systems. Depending on where you want to place your tiny house, you may need a building permit.  So, check on that before you commit to building one. Check with local and state agencies in regards to tiny houses and any regulations they may have.

The average price of a tiny home is approximately $35,000, plus taxes. Unless you have it built on-site, there will be transportation costs. There are contactors that offer tiny houses in their services, which will include all those costs.

Tiny Houses Takes Creativity

Picture living in a tiny house every day. What will you expect and need so that you feel comfortable? Think about storage, especially in the kitchen.  Speaking of the kitchen, how much work space do you need? You may want to consider having a slide-out pantry within the kitchen cabinets and consider the fact that you’ll have a smaller cook top and maybe not have an oven. The sinks will be smaller and you most likely won’t have a dishwasher. The counter space will be less, too.

In the bedroom, your closet will be smaller and you may need to share space there for your washer and dryer. Going in the bathroom, your storage space will be minimal, as well. If you choose a floor plan with a bedroom loft, consider the stairs will take up space, but you can use the area under them for storage.

In the living room, choose furniture that has drawers underneath where you can store things. Instead of a full-size dining room set, you’ll want to go with a table that has drop leaves where you can add seating, if needed.

After you have looked around a model tiny house or spent the weekend in one, you’ll have a better idea what you need and what you can’t do without. Make a list of the things you just must have and start thinking of creative ways to make it all fit and work.

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