Bathroom, Bedroom, Closets, Kitchen: The Tiny House Setup

Just like a traditional house, the time frame to build a tiny house from the ground up (or from the trailer up) can vary on many things. One thing for sure though, you need to have your building plans in place and a game plan created. The same is to be said about your budget, too.

So, to start things off, determine what you need in your tiny house and what you’d like in your tiny house.

Then look at the floor plan of the tiny house and determine which of these you’re able to fit and how they’ll fit inside (and don’t forget the door widths!). When you’re finished with this, you should have a list of appliances, fixtures, furniture and the sizes that will fit.

Let’s Get Cooking

Starting in the kitchen, how much space will you have for the cooktop and oven? Are you going to have upper and lower cabinets? How big of a sink will your counter space allow and what kind of faucet? Will your tiny house be set up where you can have a garbage disposal and how big of a refrigerator will your tiny house kitchen hold? Will you have enough counter space to hold the things you use every day or will you need slide out cabinetry for items like a can opener, coffee maker, and toaster?

Hygiene is a Necessity

Moving on to the bathroom, what size of the shower stall is the footprint allowing? Will you have a compost toilet or a dry water toilet setup? Is there going to be ventilation? How much room is there for a sink and vanity, or a medicine cabinet? Don’t forget things like toilet paper holder and towel racks, too.

Sleeping Arrangement

Then in the bedroom or loft, how big of a bed will fit in there? If your bedroom is going to be in the loft, you don’t want to get anything too heavy for two reasons: getting up there and the pressure the weight of it will put on the area below. If the bedroom is in the loft, make sure you’ll have enough headroom!

Will you have any closet space and if so, how much? From clothes to shoes and everything else, will you have enough room? Most likely, you won’t have room for a triple dresser, so what kind of storage will you have? Underneath the stairway is a great place to create a closet or storage area.

The Main Part of Your Tiny House

In the main part of your tiny house, some refer to as the main room, how big of a sofa can fit in there and still have walking around the room? Maybe going with a loveseat would be better? And make sure you choose furniture that has storage underneath it! Coffee tables and end tables with drawers can provide a lot of storage. Some great seating ideas are to buy sturdy storage trunks and get a two-for-one deal out the purchase. Floating desks and shelves are perfect and won’t take up any valuable floor space.

Overall Ideas

Go with window treatments that are lightweight, so they won’t make the rooms feel like they’re closing in on you. They should also let in plenty of natural light but be insulated so that they don’t make your tiny house feel like a freezer or oven inside!

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