Big Changes Come With Tiny House Living

Real estate is always changing, that’s probably the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. One of the things that will change is the latest concept. The latest one these days are tiny houses. For several decades, the concept in real estate was bigger homes. We simply couldn’t get them big enough, well for many people anyway.

When the economy crashed, several people started to recognize that those bigger houses made an impact on the environment, as well as their bank account. That is where tiny houses have come into the real estate game.

Tiny houses are miniature homes and can provide the homeowner a lot of freedom while easing up the footprint on the environment. What began as one person making a home from something like a shipping container or building a small home themselves, you can now buy tiny houses from several different companies.

They offer a variety of floor plans and will customize the exterior and interior to the customer’s preference. Some build them, set them up, and rent them as well as selling them outright.There is some vague similarity between a tiny house to a camper or RV, providing an alternative life style that more and more people are finding appealing.

Most tiny houses are under 500 square feet, which is not as widely accepted …yet. They are becoming more popular each year as a permanent residence for all different people. The area young professionals with no children, the empty-nesters and retirees. Even families with children still at home are finding tiny houses appealing.

One of the first things that owners of tiny houses like is the financial freedom that comes with them. They are inexpensive enough that most Americans can pay cash for them and do away with that monthly mortgage payment. This gives them extra money each month and not having to work so much to make that mortgage payment gives them more free time.

Because tiny houses are smaller, so are their utility bills. For the homeowner that is eco-conscious. Adding solar panels is simple and really saves money, too. Some tiny homes are equipped with composting toilets that create compost from human excretion. This means no septic system to worry with installing or maintaining.

Tiny houses allow you geographical freedom, too. You can have your tiny house placed in a convenient location for your work commute, or outside the city limits. The world is your oyster when it comes to where you want to place your tiny house.

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