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How do you get Your Appliances Inside a Tiny House?

If you’re considering buying a tiny house, the latest trend in the housing industry, you’ve probably considered many factors. Such as how much money it will save you, and how much easier your life will be having less house to worry with, etc. But, have you given any thought to how the appliances, fixtures, and […]

What Are You Really Going to Need Inside Your Tiny House?

You’ve noticed all the rage in housing are those tiny houses, right? And it has you thinking about downsizing yourself. You’ve looked at pre-fab buildings like those at the local big box home stores. That 10 x 20 that looks like a barn was cute and even had a second floor. For around $15,000 or […]

Tiny House Living Takes Big Planning!

If you’re considering the move to a tiny house, then you have some brainstorming, planning, and thinking to do! There are many details and facets that you probably don’t recognize, and as your downsizing project unfolds, more things will come to the surface as well. To help you start planning and get your thinking cap […]

Storage: How to Get the Most in Your Tiny House

Once you’ve decided that tiny house living is for you, the first thing you need to consider, other than your comfort,is the storage. You’re going to have to be creative in making the most with what space you have, because regardless of your efforts to downsize, there are things you need and want.  Take a […]

Bathroom, Bedroom, Closets, Kitchen: The Tiny House Setup

Just like a traditional house, the time frame to build a tiny house from the ground up (or from the trailer up) can vary on many things. One thing for sure though, you need to have your building plans in place and a game plan created. The same is to be said about your budget, […]

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