Downsizing? Small Apartment, An RV, Or a Tiny House – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Reclaimed wood is popular these days – just look at Pinterest. This is wood that has been part of a structure at some point and may have holes from bolts and nails, large knot holes, a distressed patina appearance and is rough looking, maybe even have a wormhole. It is then taken, and that almost perfect vertical grain is brought out so that a beautiful item can be created.

This is what appeals to today’s designers and homeowners, even home builders and architects are all about using reclaimed wood in their structures. Some of this is because they are environmentally conscious, but others are going with it because it looks good.

So, what does this have to do with downsizing? Well, there are tiny houses on the market that are made from reclaimed wood, partially anyway, but for a hefty price tag. Most people that are looking at tiny houses are looking for tiny price tags, too.

So, maybe an RV park lifestyle would be more appropriate for your budget? With a top grade, tiny house costing in the range of $75,000 to $90,000, and a camper in an RV park costing around $55,000 to $65,000, it may be the best choice.  The price of either one doesn’t necessarily count the land it will sit on either.  So, you’ll need to purchase land for the tiny house, and you’ll need to rent lot space for the RV.

Also, consider with an RV staying in a park, you won’t have to worry about utility hook ups like electric, sewage, and water.  That’s all in the package deal when you rent lot space in a park. A tiny house, you’ll need to have all this installed on the land you have to purchase to park your tiny house.

However, you should do your homework and look at another option: Renting an apartment. You’ll never own it as you would a tiny house or an RV, but you also won’t have any maintenance issues and you’re not locked down for what may seem like an eternity.

There are tiny houses built on trailers with wheels, too.  You’re able to relocate easily, but finding a place to park it may not be that easy. RV parks are restricted to RVs, and many cities have code restrictions. A tiny house will help cut back on expenses because they are smaller to maintain and upkeep compared to an RV. Many tiny house owners add solar panels to help cut back the energy expenses, too. This isn’t something you’ll see in an apartment building or an RV.

Stay in your current traditional style four bed, two bath house, and on top of the mortgage, you’re looking at approximately an additional $600 or more in monthly expenses. Go with the RV option, and you’re looking at $500 to $600 a month rental for your spot in the park, plus electricity in most parks, which is way cheaper than in a traditional house.

If none of these options sound good to you – take a look at renting, or even purchasing a houseboat!

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