When Furnishing a Tiny House, the Question to Ask First “Will it Fit Through the Door?”

Before you have your tiny house built and in place, take the time to shop for those appliances, fixtures, and furniture you need and want first. Why? Well, unless you’re going to have that tiny house built around these things, you need to know if you can get them through the door. A little preplanning should include measuring to avoid catastrophe and issues later.

Take the measurements of your tiny house shopping with you and look for the appliances, fixtures, and furniture that not only fits inside, but you can get it inside!  This means you should know the size of the openings of the front door as well as any back or side door your tiny house may have. This includes the interior doors, too!  If you buy a bed that fits through the front door but not into the bedroom, you’ve got a problem.

This goes for the bathroom sink, shower stall, and toilet. too. These come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you choose the ones that will fit through the exterior door, through the bathroom door and that there is room enough in the footprint.

Join a Group

It helps to join tiny house groups, there are plenty of them online, and ask for recommendations and suggestions. See what kind of issues and problems they had moving into their tiny house and ask questions. You can also find workshops and subscribe to newsletters for tiny house homeowners.

By communicating with others that have been through this, you’ll find a lot of helpful tips on what to do, not do, what to expect, and more.  Just like new parents have support groups, so do tiny house homeowners.

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