Is the Future Looking at a World Full of Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses have become a desirable trend in recent years. They offer the homeowner easier financial manageability and more. They also offer Americans a simpler way of living as more people realize that material objects aren’t all there is to life. It would seem the world is becoming one full of minimalists.

Now, we all still like our space, but when you look at the energy and money spent to maintain a larger space versus that of a tiny house, it makes you wonder. That doesn’t mean we must downsize to a living space of 100 square feet or less, although many people have.

May you think that you could downsize to a tiny house and still be happy – great! But not everyone could and not everyone should either.  However, tiny houses have provided another possibility in affordable housing that more people should be considering.

Even for those that are the first to admit they couldn’t live in a tiny house are intrigued by them. Maybe they won’t actually downsize in square footage, but they may take a look at their level of material possessions and re-evaluate their life. They will be inspired to live life simpler and eliminate “stuff” they have sitting around their spacious house.

Items they have had for many years and when they come across some stuff, they ask themselves “Do I really need this?” If we all toured a tiny house today and then went home to our 3,000-square foot home and did this, we could most likely help another person that is just starting out.

Maybe the future isn’t going to see a world full of tiny houses, but maybe we could all take the approach as if we are going to downsize and gain a change in our perspective of what is important. This would be a good positive thing that will do two things: Make our live easier. Fill somebody else’s life with a little joy.

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