How do you get Your Appliances Inside a Tiny House?

If you’re considering buying a tiny house, the latest trend in the housing industry, you’ve probably considered many factors. Such as how much money it will save you, and how much easier your life will be having less house to worry with, etc.

But, have you given any thought to how the appliances, fixtures, and furniture will be delivered and installed? If you’re having your tiny house built, the appliances and fixtures will be included, thus not an issue for you. However, the personal effects and touches like your furniture may be a whole other matter.

How Wide can you Go?

The width of the door is important when it comes to bringing in the appliances and things like the bathroom fixtures. Your builder will know this ahead of time and plan accordingly. You need to be concerned about your furniture, though.

Ask your builder about the door width, so you can plan accordingly. It may be necessary to buy new pieces to get them inside your tiny house. Make a list of the most important things for you to have in your tiny home and work from there; making a list of new things you’ll need to get in case your old stuff doesn’t fit.

Getting Your Tiny House in Place

Ask your builder if delivery is included in the purchase of your tiny house. If it isn’t, you’ll need to purchase a trailer to move it from Point A to Point B. Here are some important steps that you need to follow before your tiny house is completed:

  • What size of trailer do you need, i.e. length and width
  • Select and secure a site, making sure tiny houses are approved structures
  • Does the land need preparing, i.e. leveling, utilities?
  • Are decks and porches included with your tiny house?
  • Will your tiny house need to be anchored down and is that included in the price?
  • Does the site you have selected and secured require the house to have a foundation?
  • Does the site you have selected and secured require blueprints and plans from the builder?

Additional Recommendations

Talk to other people that have purchased and live in a tiny house. Look for workshops to attend and subscribe to tiny house industry newsletters. Look at different builders and try to find one that includes everything in one package price.

Join chat groups online and read the different blogs that have appeared in the past few years. These can often answer questions as well as create other questions about tiny houses. The educated homeowner is the happiest.

The blogs and websites that focus on tiny houses can be real eye openers on many different things. Something you may not have thought of for extra sleeping space is having a slide out bed coming from a raised kitchen floor. Or, making use of space under the stairs leading to a sleeping loft.

Once you have made the commitment to a tiny house purchase, you’re going to find yourself in a “club” of unique homeowners. You’ll be part of a pioneering group that is going to make this hot trend even more hot and popular.

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