No Matter Your Lifestyle, a Tiny House Can Be Just the Right Fit

You can find endless amounts of information for tiny houses on the internet. The “Tiny House” trend is anything but tiny. Empty nesters, retirees, childless couples, single people, and families are all looking for less expensive ways to live today and tiny houses are allowing them to do that. All over the world, we are seeing people willingly downsize into smaller spaces that are less expensive to maintain and own.

Going from a conventional house of 3,000 square feet to a tiny house of 900 square feet, or less, has become more common than you may realize. If this sounds interesting to you, there are a few things you should know before you jump on the band wagon.

Tiny houses are usually built on a frame that has wheels. One of the originators of tiny houses is Jay Shafer, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. He said the idea of building a tiny house on a trailer so they can easily be moved. It also helps in bypassing codes of some municipalities in regards to minimum square footage. How so? Well, with your home being built on a trailer, it is considered an RV, not a house.

Not all tiny house builders build their models on wheels. So, check with the builder you decide to go with to see if they offer that option. If they don’t, check the building codes of where you want your tiny house to be located. This is something you want to investigate thoroughly before committing to a tiny house purchase.


Tiny houses are usually sustainable structures. The tiny house is an environmental friendly structure from the materials it is built with to how you live in it. This includes being built from reclaimed wood and other materials. Many of them also have solar panels for their power and are set up to catch rain water, as well.

All your necessities are found in a tiny house that you would find in a conventional house, just smaller. The dining area and seating area are often combined and attached to the kitchen. The bathroom is smaller and usually won’t have a bathtub, using only a shower. The sleeping area is often an upstairs loft.

The great thing about a tiny house is being able to customize the space for your own needs and tastes. There is plenty of information and resources online about tiny houses today as well as many online communities where you can talk to others that are living the tiny house lifestyle.

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