Storage: How to Get the Most in Your Tiny House

Once you’ve decided that tiny house living is for you, the first thing you need to consider, other than your comfort,is the storage. You’re going to have to be creative in making the most with what space you have, because regardless of your efforts to downsize, there are things you need and want.  Take a look at some ideas we have come up with:

The Bathroom: Next to the kitchen, this is probably the most used room in your house.  Some things we have found to be helpful in getting all you can in your tiny bathroom are over-the-door organizers and a storage cabinet behind the mirror for your hair accessories, makeup, jewelry, shaving supplies, etc. and an over the toilet cabinet.

The Kitchen: A slide out shelf in the cabinets/pantry, a drop leaf table with benches that open up for storage, and folding chairs that tuck away neatly until needed.

The Living Room: Since most of your tiny house will be the living room, find a love seat that has underneath storage, a futon or sofa that has a drawer underneath, and an ottoman that doubles as storage.

The Bedroom: Build a floating desk and have a folding chair that you can put away when not in use. Over-the-door organizers for your belts, shoes, etc. and a bench at the foot of your bed for storage. Baskets and bins on floating shelves can replace that triple size dresser you’re used to and consider making your bed wall mounted to create more floor space when you have guests.

If your tiny house as a loft, it may be too tight of quarters for sleeping but can be great for storing plastic bins, making extra storage. Consider having a raised kitchen floor in your tiny house, too.  This is a perfect area for storing things you won’t use every day or having a slide out bed installed there.

In the words of Plato, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and when it comes to tiny house living, finding creative ways for storage is a must! As you move into your tiny house, you’ll come up with your own creative ways of storage, too.

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