Be Sure Your Tiny House has Adequate Storage

It was Plato who said, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and while tiny houses didn’t even exist in Plato’s day, those words couldn’t be more accurate true in that regard. Getting creative is rule number one and if you will invite family and friends to help you discover ways, it can be more fun than taxing.

To start with, you want to list your must-haves and needs. Then, list your wants that provide extra comfort that you are used to.

One example is plan a pantry slide-out in your tiny house kitchen. This is a dream for many homeowners and when planning a tiny house kitchen, it actually becomes a necessity.

Other smart options you should keep in mind as you plan your tiny house:


  • Over-the-door organizers
  • Cabinets to store your makeup, medications, jewelry, and toiletries that have a mirrored door

Living Area:

  • Storage seating, i.e. love seats and sofa that have drawers and storage under the seating
  • Benches and ottomans that provide storage

Sleeping Area:

  • Over-the-door organizers for belts, scarves, shoes, etc.
  • Bed with drawers that pull out from underneath for storage

Other pieces that make a tiny house more spacious are drop leaf tables and folding tables. Create floating desks and furnish with a folding chair. Small corner cabinets with storage baskets and bins are great for putting away those everyday things when company comes.

If your tiny house will have a loft, but it is too closed-in of an area for sleeping, it can make great extra storage space. Use plastic containers to put away seasonal clothing, blankets, and other items you don’t use year-round. Or, use it for your office space if you work from home.

Other ideas that tiny house owners have found is to design the kitchen with a lifted floor with three steps leading up to it. Underneath you can install a pull-out bed for guests. In an 8-foot wide tiny house, you can easily fit a queen size roll out bed.

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