Tiny House Living Takes Big Planning!

If you’re considering the move to a tiny house, then you have some brainstorming, planning, and thinking to do! There are many details and facets that you probably don’t recognize, and as your downsizing project unfolds, more things will come to the surface as well.

To help you start planning and get your thinking cap on in tiny house mode, we’ve created the following lists. Use this as a reference tool and perhaps create a spreadsheet where you can keep track of what you need and the costs associated. This will be a great check-list and a way to keep in line with your budget.

Your Needs: Identify Them

Do you have a tiny house in mind and a place to put it? Sketch out a couple of different floor plans, envisioning yourself living in each one.Create a list of appliances and furniture you’ll need along with setting a budget.

The things you should include are: 

  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave, Cook Stove
  • Kitchen Sink, Counter Space, Pantry
  • Bathroom Sink, Shower
  • Toilet
  • Cabinet, Counter Space
  • Electric, Gas, Solar Power Sources
  • Exterior and Interior Lighting
  • Bed, Dresser, Night Stand
  • Seating
  • Table and Chair
  • Coffee Table, End Tables
  • Desk

You will want to invest in quality baskets and plastic totes for storage. Get the kind you can slide under your bed or easily put up above in a loft.

If you’re building your tiny house, there are more things you need to consider, as well. Such as the trailer frame it will be built on, the doors, electrical source, plumbing, roofing, and don’t forget cooling and heating sources. You’ll need to draw up a blueprint, and unless you’ve been trained, it is always good to hire a professional to go over this with you.

As you look for a place to put your tiny home, consider local building code laws and check the flood plain.  Check on homeowner’s insurance, as well, which will take things into consideration like the flood plains.

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