Is the Tiny House Movement a Good Fit for Your Lifestyle?

On the average, the largest homes are owned by Americans. The typical size of a family home is 2,500 square feet; most are bigger. Up until recently, the thought process has been “the bigger, the better” by Americans.

However, the past few years have seen more people leaning towards smaller homes. Americans are looking at tiny houses that are as small as 150 square feet up to 400 square feet inside. They can be found in a variety of descriptions and locations.

Tiny homes are being made from shipping containers, and others are improved and updated campers. Some are small enough they can fit into a pickup truck bed. The designs are finding ways to combine daytime uses with sleeping areas and still have many of the modern conveniences that Americans have grown accustomed to having.

Every inch of space is maximized with advantages such as:

Lower utility costs from the smaller footprint.

Lower maintenance expenses such as a small roof to repair or replace.

High quality of anything and everything inside and outside. With less square footage, it is easier to afford to buy the best in flooring or anything else you need or want to do to your tiny house. Many tiny house owners go with environmentally friendly materials, making their home a solution to the environment issues.

Tiny houses are some of the most beautiful designed homes that take advantage of every inch of space possible to give it all the roominess you need and still be aesthetically pleasing.

A simple, streamlined lifestyle is possible because you won’t be bogged down with the stress of up keeping a larger home. You become less obsessed with your possessions which most tiny house owners will tell you has made them feel calmer overall.

The Drawbacks

With less space, that means there are fewer places to get away. If your spouse sleeps in and you’re an early riser, it can be inconvenient.

Storage is minimal so stocking up on canned goods, or other items are hard to do.

Getting a permit can be difficult in some areas, especially inside city limits.

Not for Everyone

Tiny houses are not for everyone, but they are a viable option that more and more Americans are looking into.

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