Tiny Houses – The Big Trend in Housing Today

Tiny houses.  Are they a trend or more like a revolution? The word “downsizing” isn’t that new of a word and usually refers to companies explaining why they are laying off, but today, that word is synonymous with the housing industry, aka, tiny houses.

Our consumer habits here in America became an object of awareness back in 2008 when the economy took a nose dive (or felt like a nose dive for many of us). We were living life to the max with big, fancy vehicles and “McMansion” sized houses. The bigger the better!

Wow! How things have changed, huh? Vehicles were getting repossessed on an hourly basis and those big houses with all their amenities now belong to banks or have been sold for a fraction of their original price.

History Repeats Itself    

Economic hardships aren’t anything new for us Americans, though. We’ve been through them before, some worse than others, and we’ve come back stronger than ever. That is why we have so many success stories in this country.

That is where companies that build tiny houses have come to be so successful. There is no doubt that their time has come with the downsizing concept of housing they offer. Tiny houses are a creative alternative to the traditional houses we are accustom to. During the economic downturn that created a distressed housing industry and market, they offer us an alternative where we don’t have to pay high rent.

A tiny house is usually 50 to 500 square feet on average. They can come with all the comfort features we have determined to be necessary in life now, such as cooling and heating features, indoor plumbing with a full, albeit small, bathroom, sitting, and sleep space.

Many have portable air conditioning and heating systems so that the home is mobile if the owner decides to pick up and go. There are no hallways in a tiny house, making them more “Earth Friendly” because they have less carbon footprint.

The benefits of a tiny house are many, with some of the main ones being:

-Low to no mortgage payments

-Significantly lower utility bills

-Possibility of living “off-the-grid”

-Gives you more choices where to live

-Gives you more control over your finances

-Allows an easier lifestyle

Does going with a tiny house mean you must give up your material things? Yes, but that is a decision you must make.  As yourself are material possessions and keeping up with the “Joneses” more important than your financial freedom and stability?

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