Tiny Houses are all the Rave Today!

If you haven’t noticed all the internet stories, magazine articles, and television shows about tiny houses, than you must be living in a cave!  These are all the rave all around the world today. Tiny houses are nothing more than small portable buildings transformed into homes. They are the answer to downsizing.

The popularity is widespread and growing, not just in America, but all around the world.The question is, but why? Well, the smaller your living space, the smaller your budget.  It isn’t just empty-nesters and retirees that are moving toward this new rave, either.  Families with kids and even single people are buying up tiny houses, too.

Not only are they easier to maintain with less upkeep, but they are less expensive. If you do have to finance one, you’ll have it paid off in about the same timeframe you would a new car – or shorter even.

Television networks like HGTV have several shows that focus on tiny houses. Some of the tiny houses that are showcased are built on wheels, much like a camper or mobile home. This makes them transportable and the homeowner can move them from place to place.

The Cost Indicates the Quality of a Tiny House

If the idea of a tiny house sounds appealing and interesting to you, let’s look at the costs. Some of the episodes on the HGTV channel are kind of pricey. Ranging from $50,000 to $80,000 for under 300 square feet of living space. Usually, it isn’t the structure of the house that cost so much, but the interior.

These tiny houses are built on skids which have a lifetime guaranteed and are purchased direct from a portable building manufacturer. There are some DIYers that build the frame themselves. Either way, you will know that the structure is made of impeccable quality.

Now for the building itself, some are built better than others, much like a traditional built home. Some builders will use 16-inch centers and others will use 24-inch centers. The closer the center, the stronger the structure. Some portable building, aka tiny house, manufacturers will use spare wood pieces in the corners to make the structure more stable. Like any other business, there are those that cut other corners.

Watch for companies that make the claim of the highest quality. You don’t have to be Amish to build a great building. What you do need is a history in building quality buildings. Look for what previous customers say about the quality of the buildings they purchased.

Research is a Must

Just like any major purchase you make, you owe it to yourself to research various builders. Take your time in deciding. Home ownership is a major and serious investment no matter if you’re going with a traditional built house or tiny house. Gather your facts and get referrals.

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